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How to access ASP.NET Controls from code-behind inside a LoginView control

I almost created a completely new project as i thought it was one of those unexplained Visual Studio phenomenons. As a last measure I consulted Dr.Google and voila!

The following example holds true for any control, just make sure to add the corresponding attributes and values for casting.

(All codes in VB,NET)

To access a TextBox Control

Dim tbox As TextBox = DirectCast(LoginView1.FindControl("TextBox3"), TextBox)
tbox.Text = "WOW"

To access a Image Control

Dim picture As Image = DirectCast(LoginView1.FindControl("img1"), Image)
picture.ImageUrl = "pics/thumbs/what.png"

To access a Label Control

Dim labelname As Label = DirectCast(LoginView1.FindControl("label1"), Label)
labelname.Text ="last"
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Visual Studio 2013: The System Cannot Find The File Specified. (Exception From HRESULT: 0x80070002)

I clicked Create New Project, and accepted all the defaults: New Project Application Defaults

However, immediately following pressing the Create Project button above, I get this message:

The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002) Error message

To get this resolved you need to do the following:

  • Within VS, Tools > Extensions and Updates


  • Expand Online and choose Visual Studio Gallery


  • Search for NuGet Package Manager for Visual Studio


  • Download and install
  • Restart VS


  • Create your project and error will disappear and you will have files in the Solution Explorer

Via Just another IT blog

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Fixing the Telerik RadGrid Filter Case Sensitive Issue

By default the filter option for the RadGrid is set to be case-sensitive (true). You can change this on the .aspx page by specifying it tn the declaration of the grid.

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Check if an ASP.NET CheckBoxList items are Checked or Unchecked

The VB.NET code to check if an ASP.NET CheckBoxList items are Checked or Unchecked:

Dim i as integer

for i = 0 to checklistbox1.items.count -1
if checklistbox1.item(i).selected = false then
'do something here
'do something if they are checked.
end if

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Hide an ASP.NET RadioButtonList using jQuery

$('#<%=rblSearchType.ClientID %>').hide();

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Disable an ASP.NET RadioButtonList using jQuery

$("#<%=rblSearchType.ClientID%>").find('input').prop('disabled', 'true');

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